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    Bank Transfer

    UK Bank Transfer

    Mr Pietro Pratico
    Sort code  30-99-66
    Account number  54784168
    IBAN: GB10LOYD30996654784168
    BIC (SWIFT): LOYDGB21070

    Postepay (from Italy)

    Pietro Praticò
    4023 6006 6754 6800
    PRT PTR 84 S07 H224Z

    Reference: Contribution


    Reference: Contribution

    1. 1. Soldier Pietro Praticò 0:32
    2. 2. Voglio vedere Pietro Praticò 0:32
    3. 3. Completely alive (Spontaneous) Pietro Praticò 0:32
    4. 4. Heaven here Pietro Praticò 0:32
    5. 5. Unrestrained Pietro Praticò 0:32
    6. 6. Innamorarmi Pietro Praticò 0:32
    7. 7. Più forte Pietro Praticò 0:32
    8. 8. Spontaneous Pietro Praticò 0:32
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