Let the ordinary you become EXTRAORDINARY!

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o matter who you are or what you do. This is a must-read life story!

Just before I start writing about this amazing story, I want you to stop whatever you are doing for a minute and think about your limits.
What are your limits? Who put them in your head? Did you do it or did somebody else told you that you simply can’t?
Please, take a moment to really think about that one thing you would like to achieve which seems impossible to you.
Now, are you ready to face your limits? Do you really want to rise against them or do you just want to accept you can’t do more than this? Please, I know you can!

You are a wonderful human being!

We all have to learn to fly above the lies that live in our minds.
I couldn’t do it by myself. And, to destroy a lie, you must find the truth. And the truth is you can’t change yourself.
My experience is if I didn’t find God, I could never win!

But here we are.
One of the most beautiful things I have heard is of a girl believing in her dream and achieving it. She was just an ordinary girl, who wanted to sing and teach.
She was aware she had to work harder than other people because her talent was there, but not as developed as her friends’ one and her voice wasn’t the most tuned in the world.

This is a healthy way to recognise your limits and start facing them.
She was just ordinary for everybody. I don’t think she had many people bet on the fact she’d have reached her goals.
I imagine she strived, then she struggled; she practised, then she studied like never before; she suffered and cried as some words from some people were like a sword through her heart.

Most of all, SHE BELIEVED and that made her extraordinary!
After years and years, not only she became a singer but also a vocal coach in one of the most amazing schools in her country.

Don’t stop believing. Don’t stop achieving. You don’t know right now what your talent is needed for, but you will soon!

Let the ordinary you become EXTRAORDINARY!

Pietro Pratico


Picture by Ryan McGuire

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